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All Water Pressure Washers Aren’t Created Equal: Learn the Hydro Tek Difference

All Water Pressure Washers Aren’t Created Equal: Learn the Hydro Tek Difference

You may be one of the many people who assume that one pressure washer is the same as any other pressure washer. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, at Hydro Tek, all of our products, from pressure washers to steamers to accessories must meet very high standards. We use stainless steel when appropriate to ensure that our products are durable, look great, and can perform.

When you keep reading you’ll discover just a few of the reasons that we offer the best products in the business. Give us a call at 800-274-9376 if you’re ready to learn more.

We follow ISO 9001:2008 Certifications

We use the strictest requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards. We do this so that you can trust that every product we offer is of the highest quality. From our handling of paperwork to the design of our products, from our exhaustive 47-point final inspection of every single pressure washer we sell, from the way our company is focused on quality, you will appreciate how serious we are about offering you the best possible products around.

We offer the best coil on the market

The Spiralast Coil, which offers a lifetime warranty, is manufactured by us directly, which means that we have total control over the quality of the products. It has several advantages over other options:

  • It offers excellent performance. When the coil pipe gets bent at a tight radius, it will stretch the pipe. The result is that the wall thickness is less and a weak point is created. The inside diameter of the pipe is shrunk as well, which can further restrict flow. This is not an issue with the Spiralast, as it uses a unique cold-rolled process and has a much higher bend radius. The result is a stronger coil that ends up with less flow restriction.
  • Efficiency. This spiral design also means higher efficiency, which translates to less pollution and less fuel consumption.
  • It’s safer and stronger. It’s been tested and certified to have burst at 40% higher than the industry standard.
  • It offers incredible precision. We use robotic welding which results in super-precise welds and means an end to joints acting as weak points.

We offer lifetime corrosion resistance

One of the main worries of many people when they think of the longevity of a pressure washer is how to keep it from corroding. We use a stainless-steel coil housing and inner wrap that’s unmatched for protection. This double-wall option helps keep the heat where it needs to go, while ensuring that the burner works well for years to come.

As you can see, at Hydro Tek we take our jobs seriously. We create the best possible pressure washers and pressure washing equipment. Are you ready to learn more about your options? Call us at 800-274-9376 with any questions.

Bidding to Pressure Wash a Sports Complex? Consider These Important Factors

Bidding to Pressure Wash a Sports Complex? Consider These Important Factors

A person who buys a high-quality, commercial grade hot water pressure can have their choice of jobs related to their new machinery. One common job you may find yourself bidding on involves cleaning a sports complex, stadium, or arena. At Hydro Tek, we’ve seen people lose money on these jobs all the time, simply because they underbid. This is a simple thing to do if you’re not familiar with everything involved in the job.

Keep reading to learn more about all the things you’ll need to take into consideration to ensure you get an accurate quote. Then reach out to us at 800-274-9376 or check out our website for water pressure washers and accessories.

The accessibility of the spaces you need to clean

Companies bidding on these types of jobs often consider only the size of the venue, but what’s actually just as important – if not more so – is how accessible it is. You need the right equipment to get into every nook and cranny, and you need to ensure you have the scaffolding you need to get under the seats, or the ladders you need to get all the way up in the rafters. Consider how you’ll access everything and include any equipment rentals or purchases with your bid.

Prep work required

Don’t just think about the time you’ll spend once you get started in earnest, think about the time and inconvenience of pre-work. For example, is there going to be debris or other things that could keep you or your equipment from getting into the structure? Make sure you understand the complex well enough that you know what your points of entry are and how to keep them clear.

Consider the workflow

If it’s a large venue you’re bidding on, and there will be numerous areas to clean within it, then you’re going to want to divide it into sections. This is simply the easiest way to clean, but it can create logistical obstacles that take up time and resources. For example, you likely account for the time to setup, but remember that if you have several work zones, you’ll be breaking down and setting up several times.

Taking chemical limitations into account

Many sports venues have certain limitations on what type of chemicals can be used. In other cases, they may have some types of equipment they don’t allow, or they may require you to choose options that are quiet. Whatever type of limitations they include, consider them carefully and then come up with your alternative solutions. Take any extra cost or time into consideration.

The factors above are only some of the things you’ll be thinking about when you place your bid. Of course, the obvious things still apply but the above are special considerations that must be taken into consideration. If you’re ready to learn more about how a pressure washer can provide new employment and earning opportunities, reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 right away.

A Simple Guide to Using a Hot Water Pressure Washer to Clean a Deck

A Simple Guide to Using a Hot Water Pressure Washer to Clean a Deck

Without a pressure washer, getting a deck truly clean takes back-bending scrubbing and hours out in the hot sun. The good news is that if you have the right tools, it can be done much faster and much better. However, it’s also important to remember that wood is sensitive. You must follow the right steps to ensure you keep it safe while getting it clean.

At Hydro Tek we offer not only the pressure washers you need but the various accessories you need as well, along with water recycle systems and much more. Read on for a simple guide on how to wash a deck with a pressure washer and then reach out to us if you have additional questions on what equipment would work best for your needs.

Begin by getting yourself and the deck ready

First things first, give the deck a good sweep. Then rinse and wet it down with your garden hose, making sure that it’s thoroughly wet and that all dirt and debris is a thing of the past. To get yourself ready, grab some waterproof clothes, some gloves, and a pair of goggles.

Find the right pressure setting

You’ll use the unloader valve to find the correct pressure setting. If you want a lower pressure, turn the unloader counterclockwise, and turn it clockwise if you want higher pressure. Which is right will depend on the type of wood you have. If your deck is made of a soft wood such as pine, then you’ll need lower water pressure. Start by picking a test spot on your deck and start at around 600 PSI. Go higher if necessary but be careful because you can cause damage if the pressure is too high.

Use the right nozzle

We recommend using a quick connect tip nozzle that has either a 25-degree or 40-degree output. Using a quick-connect option means that you can cover a much larger surface area, which means the job’s going to get done faster. Start out using a back and forth spray motion and stay about two feet above the ground. Don’t let the nozzle get any closer than that to your wood or you may damage it.

Stay safe at all times

As you’re cleaning your deck, there’s nothing so important as keeping your safety in mind. Don’t point the nozzle at another person, at an animal, or at glass. It may seem obvious, but many people have no idea just how powerful a pressure washer is. It can do real damage and cause injuries if sprayed directly at a person.

If you’re interested in cleaning your deck, or using a pressure washer for any other purpose, then it’s a good time to contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 . We offer a wide range of options, any one of which may work perfectly for your needs. We’re happy to go over what you plan to use it for and what your goals are in order to find the right package for you. Call today!

Learn How You Can Turn Your Pressure Washer into a Sludge, Slurry or Water Evacuation Tool

Learn How You Can Turn Your Pressure Washer into a Sludge, Slurry or Water Evacuation Tool

Your pressure washer, whether a hot water pressure or cold water pressure, offers you or your business so many options. However, certain water pressure accessories available from Hydro Tek can help you turn your pressure washer into an entirely different tool. A great example is our muck scupper and sludge pump. It can help turn your pressure washer into a highly effective water evacuation tool – and a lot more. Read on to learn more and then reach out to us at 800-274-9376 if you have additional questions.

How it works

If you want to turn your pressure washer into a water evacuation tool, a sludge evacuation tool, or a slurry evacuation tool then all you need is our muck scupper and sludge pump. It uses the pressure and energy from the spray of your regular pressure washer wand to create suction. That suction can pull the water – up to 87gpm – through a very heavy wall discharge hose. To put it simply: It harnesses the power of your pressure washer in an entirely new way.

You don’t need other tools to use this

One of the great things about this muck scupper from Hydro Tek is that all you need is your existing one-quarter inch pressure washer wand quick connect coupler. There are no other tools or parts required. We wanted to make this as simple as possible so that as many people as possible could use it. if you have questions, contact us and reference part numbers ANS04 and ANS55.

Our products are made from high-quality materials

This scupper is made from durable stainless steel. As a result, it’s not going to break, it’s not going to rust, and it will not corrode – even when you use it for heavy-duty, commercial and industrial use. It fights tightly into corners and can be used as a scraper to loosen stubborn muck. In fact, our unique design works perfectly at an angle. Compared to other sludge pumps, it can perform 45% better.

These stats are sure to impress you

Just how far up can you extract with this? Up to two stories vertically. The extraction rate is as high as 15 times your pressure washer’s flow rate. There’s often debris left in sump pits and / or troughs, like slurry or small pieces of gravel. You don’t have to worry about that with this accessory – they will flow easily out of the discharge hose. The standard discharge hose included is 15 feet but there are additional hose lengths available from Hydro Tek.

This product has a long list of applications

The list of ways in which this accessory can be used is almost endless. Use it for cleanup and recovery after a flood. Use it to clean out sump pits, troughs, and settling tanks at car washes. When you need to clean a small pool, foundation, or pond, use it to drain them. You can even use this accessory as an alternative to a sump pump. It can suck up chemicals, mud, paint, sludge it – you name it. contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 to learn more.

Do You Need to Pressure Up High? Then a High Reach Wash Pole is Worth Your Consideration

Do You Need to Pressure Up High? Then a High Reach Wash Pole is Worth Your Consideration

If you have reason to use a pressure washer up high on a regular basis – or even somewhat regularly – then it’s worth your while to check out the best high reach wash pole for your needs. These are about more than simple convenience – they can help make pressure washing significantly safer. Learn what makes our unique high reach wash pole so special and then reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 to learn about this and other products we offer.

You get more control and rigidity compared to what you’d find in other options

One of the reasons that this particular 20-foot high reach wash pole works so great is that it has more control and rigidity than your typical extendable wand or telescopic wand. It uses a standard pressure washer trigger gun so you don’t have to turn down the entire pressure washer just to switch to using this high reach wash pole.

Using it is easier than you may think

When you’re ready to use this pressure washer accessory, just put your trigger gun into the holder. Then connect the hose by using the twist connect fitting. That’s it – you’ll be good to go. When you purchase this high reach wash pole from Hydro Tek, we include a comfort brace gun holder, three sections of pole that allow you to easily and quickly adjust to the height for each job you’re doing, and a shoulder strap. You also get a full-length humper hose. This particular high reach wash pole is rated up to 4500 psi and 250 degrees.

Pressure washer high reach wash poles may be more important than you think

If you’re pressuring washing up high there is no better way to safely reach where you need to reach than with a wash pole. This particular option gives you the control and rigidity that’s simply absent from telescopic wands that can only do so much.

This option uses the trigger gun that’s already on your wash skid. You can keep your wash skidding running when you switch, and you can even change guns. Other brands are rated only to 195 F but ours are rated all the way up to 4500 psi and 250 F. As specialists in this field, we’re not interested in bringing you just another high reach wash pole – we bring you nothing but the best.

Turn to us for all your pressure washer accessory needs

No matter what your needs are as they relate to pressure washers, you can count on Hydro Tek to be here for you. We can send you our catalog, walk you through it, or streamline down to the exact parts you need. While other companies may add a few power washer accessories to their vast list of parts, we only work with pressure washers. As a result, we are more knowledgeable about what’s available and what will work best for you. Contact us today at 800-274-9376 to learn more.





The Hydro Twister Allows You to Clean Concrete Without Soap Pretreatment

The Hydro Twister Allows You to Clean Concrete Without Soap Pretreatment

Cleaning concrete surfaces has never been easier, thanks to the Hydro Twister surface cleaner. We’re proud to offer this innovative option that can truly change the game. Read on to learn more about it. If you have questions about pressure washers or their accessories, please reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 for help.

This cleaner connects right to your pressure washer

What’s great about the Hydro Twister cleaner is that it attaches to your pressure washer. This rotary surface cleaner gives you more consistent cleaning than you’d get if you were standing there with a wand. Plus, you don’t get as tired – and you don’t need to pretreat the area of with soap. It can save both time and money.

This is a flexible option

This isn’t a cleaner that requires specific equipment to run it. In fact, it can work on cold water or it can work on hot water all the way up to 250 degrees. It works with numerous models and helps cleanup a long list of surfaces. In short, it’s the flexible option you can snap on in a jiffy when you need tough cleaning power without using a ton of detergent.

Choose from several different models

When you work with Hydro Tek, you’ll have access to a number of models of the Hydro Twister. You can clean just about anything you want with it, from dirty patios to tile flooring. From garages to marina docks, it can handle it all. Our clients have used this accessory to clean up school yards, restrooms, warehouses, factories, concrete parking lots, service stations, tile flooring, stadiums, loading docks, and much more. It can even clean up mildew, moss, and mold.

Get the job done faster and use less water

This product lets you clean a surface at least ten times as fast as a hand wand and up to twenty times as fast. You’ll also use a lot less water, which is great both for costs and for environmental reasons. This product uses a spray bar that rotates right above the ground. As a result, you get the space cleaned not just quickly but thoroughly. It can also handle tough substances like grease much more efficiently and effectively than a hand wand.

Consider the Trident Hydro Twister

Though we do offer numerous models, a top option is the Trident Hydro Twister. Compared to other similar options in its class, it can clean up a lot more square footage. We have a propriety spray arm made with aluminum and that has compound angled nozzles. Not only do these clean up edges, but they can actually move water to the side to ensure that there’s more impact on what’s cleaned. You can also trust that our products are stainless and rustproof.

In short, Hydro Tek, has the best options for you. If you want to clean more space with less waste – and get it done a lot quicker – then you want to get ahold of us at 800-274-9376 to learn more about your options.

The Hot Water Difference: Learn Why Hot Water Pressure Washers Can Do Unbelievable Things

The Hot Water Difference: Learn Why Hot Water Pressure Washers Can Do Unbelievable Things

If you need something cleaned and you want it completed quickly and effectively, then hot water is the way to go. With a hot water pressure washer, you can raise water temps from as low as 53F to as high as 311F. Along with the pressure, you need much less detergent (if any at all) and the time to clean is much lower. Read on to learn more about the options and advantages. Then reach out to Hydro Tek to talk to a distributor.

Hot water gives you a better result when cleaning

You may know that hot water seems to clean better but you may not know why. The truth is that hot water helps to soften oil and grease that’s congealed. It also helps to significant boost emulsification, which makes things easier to remove. This is especially important in the food industry, where there are lots of greases and proteins used. However, it can be important in just about any situation you need to clean.

You don’t need as much cleaning detergent

One of the biggest advantages of using a hot water pressure washer is that you don’t need to use as much detergent. In fact, you may not need any at all. This is because many substances, such as oil, grease, and resin, can be taken care of with just hot water. Using less detergent is great for the environment and to keep your costs down.

It takes less time to dry and it’s cleaner

If you clean a surface with hot water versus cold water, it will try faster due to the heat. This means that the space is ready to use faster. It also means that there are fewer germs. Why? First, because the hot water kills them. Second, because wet surfaces are a breeding ground for germs. If an area dries faster then there’s a shorter span in which those germs can grow.

You can save a significant amount of time

Depending on the application, your time savings could be as much as 35%. In a world in which time equals money, this isn’t just a convenience but it serves a financial purpose too. If you invest in certain attachments and accessories, the time savings can be even more. Some choose to simply save this time and move on to other projects while others can do a more thorough job than they would have if they were using another method.

Get help choosing the right hot water pressure washer

No matter what your needs are, Hydro Tek can help you find the right hot water pressure washer to meet them. We specialize in this industry because we are passionate about it. When innovations come about, you can count on us being the first to embrace them. If you’re looking for quality, competitive prices, and a company that has the expertise to provide you with advice on what will work best for you, then you’re ready to contact us at 800-274-9376 .

6 Potential Applications for Commercial Grade Pressure Washers

6 Potential Applications for Commercial Grade Pressure Washers

As a distributor of pressure washers, your company may believe that you already know all of the potential applications for these diverse appliances. The reality may surprise you. Read on to learn about six potential applications for commercial grade pressure washers and then reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 to learn more about your options.

  1. Roof and concrete cleaner
  2. Any building is going to look old and disgusting if it’s covered in moss, mildew, and / or dirt. A company could lose business due to the way their building looks. Even a little bit of mold is enough to make employees and clients sick. That’s why pressure washers are a great choice to clean up the concrete in driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks, as well as the walls of a building and its roof.

  3. Cleaning up logging equipment
  4. If you know of a way to log without drumming up a whole lot of mud then you’re a more experienced logger than most. The rest of us need a high quality pressure washer to get logging equipment cleaned of that mud, not to mention the oil, grease, and engine fluid that can stick around. With a hot water pressure washer, all of that can be blown away in no time.

  5. Washing off oil field equipment
  6. At Hydro Tek, we offer portable SS series pressure washers that are ready to take on the dirt, grime, and oil in an oil field. It can be mounted to a trailer or on a truck, but either way it’s simple and easy to drive it to even the most remote oil wells. If you can drip or pump there, you can bring a portable pressure washer there.

  7. Removing coating
  8. If you’re dealing with a surface that’s been covered any type of coating, then you’re looking at two options. One, you could spend hours – or even days – getting the coating off. Two, you could spend just minutes getting rid of the coating entirely without putting in any manual labor. From getting rid of graffiti to metal prep cleaning, a pressure washer can handle it all.

  9. Cleaning up an oil rig
  10. If you’re working on an oil rig and you spill oil or you’re trying to get mud off the hose drilling, what do you do? You turn to a heavy duty hot water pressure washer. Once again, our mobile systems are perfect for moving this equipment to get to any and all parts of an offshore rig.

  11. Cleaning up after an oil spill
  12. For any company that revolves around the oil industry, it’s no secret that an oil spill is the worst possible outcome to deal with. There are several reasons this is true, including the fact that it can be very difficult to clean up after an oil spill. Luckily, a pressure washer makes it easier. The equipment available from Hydro Tek offers you a great solution that’s environmentally friendly, especially when you use a vacuum system to get rid of the spillage. Our products not only let you clean the area, but they allow you to capture and get rid of the contaminants.

Pressure Washers Make Great Christmas Gifts

Pressure Washers Make Great Christmas Gifts

It feels like last Christmas was just a few weeks ago but the calendar tells another tale: It really is almost time to open presents under the Christmas tree. At Hydro Tek, we’re excited about all the folks out there who would love to find a pressure washer waiting for them. whether your spouse or your parent, a sibling or a best friend, getting a person a brand new power washer, or replacing their current model, is a unique gift idea that will keep giving for many years to come.

Pressure washers make quick work of cleanup

Everyone wishes they had a sparkling clean home but it can seem impossible to keep up to that standard of cleanliness. The right pressure washer can change that. Not only is it easier to clean the exterior of the home, the basement, the garage, and other parts of the house with a pressure washer, but it’s much faster too. No matter how tough the job, a pressure washer can make quick work of getting rid of dirt, grease, grime, and much more.

Pressure washers can handle a wide range of applications

We often find that people aren’t sure how useful a pressure washer would really be. Sure, it can be good for cleaning a home’s siding but how often does that really need to be done? The truth is that there are many other areas and surfaces that can be cleaned by a water pressure washer.

For example, never sweep the sidewalks again when you have a pressure washer. Get rid of grease, dirt, and grime from the garage floor. Make the driveway look brand new, clean up a deck, sanitize the kid’s playhouse – the list of pressure washer applications is nearly endless.

There are many water pressure washer options

If you don’t have a pressure washer yourself then you may not realize that there are a lot of decisions to make. First, do you want a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer? Are you looking for an electric-powered or gas-powered unit? Will it primarily be used indoors? If so, then you’re going to want one that’s free from exhaust. On the other hand, if the pressure washer is likely to be used in several places, then you may want a handheld and portable unit.

In short, there are lots of options and there isn’t one answer to everyone’s needs. That’s why Hydro Tek not only offers you so many choices, but we employ folks who can answer all your questions. No matter who you’re buying it for, no matter what their mechanical savvy or what they’ll likely use it for, we can answer your questions about which model is best. Call us at 800-274-9376 to get the process started.

With years in this industry and a passion for ensuring our clients get only the highest quality products for the most competitive prices, you won’t find another company that’s as dedicated as we are. Don’t delay – get started on your Christmas shopping today.

6 Ways Power Washers Can Help Clients Clean Up for Winter

6 Ways Power Washers Can Help Clients Clean Up for Winter

As you market your pressure washers and accessories, make sure your distributors are up to date on all the ways in which pressure washers can help their customers get their homes ready for winter. Following are six examples. Read them to see if any apply to your region. If you need help ordering, or have questions about our products, reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 .

  1. Cleaning the exterior of a home
  2. Before it freezes in many parts of the country, it’s a good idea to take away around your home to see if there are dirty areas. This should include looking for dirt but also mold or even moss. Using a pressure washer to get rid of these issues before snow comes is a wide idea. Choosing the right pressure washer allows an individual to get rid of stains and plant growth from vinyl or brick.

  3. Get rid of leaves from gutters
  4. Gutters are an essential part of any home’s structural integrity. They keep water from pooling on rooves or down walls. That said, if they’re full of leaves, sticks, and other debris, they won’t work well. That’s why we recommend carrying gutter cleaner accessories that make it simple for users to get rid of dirt from gutters. They won’t need a ladder and they won’t have to climb on the roof. They can get rid of dirt and grime from the safety and comfort of the ground.

  5. Get vehicles ready for salt
  6. Pressure washing a car is a great way to get it clean and clear so it’s easy for wintertime salt to be washed off. Just remember that higher PSI pressure can peel the paint right off of a car. That’s why we recommend using gentle cleansers and low pressure PSI. Once winter is here and the salt starts to stick, a quick brush can get it off with ease – as long as the car was clean to begin with.

  7. A clean driveway is a safer driveway
  8. Ice and snow packed in a driveway can make it a hazard. The water that melts from snow and sleet can get below the concrete of the driveway, freeze, and expand. This can result in minor issues like cracks or huge foundation issues. This is why we recommend getting of paint, oil, gas stains, etc. from the driveway. A pressure washer with a rotating is the best option for many people. Surface cleaners may be needed, depending on what the stains are.

  9. Give the deck a bath
  10. Decks look fresh and beautiful when clean, but can look dirty and warped when dirty. If they’re not cleaned regularly, mold, mildew, and moss can take a toll. Once again, it’s pressure washers that make it easy to keep a deck clean.

  11. Clean your patio furniture before putting it away for the winter
    If you’re going to be bringing in patio furniture, such as chairs, tables, etc., you don’t want to drag in mud and dirt with you. Pressure washers can make short work of cleaning them off.

These are just a few of the selling points of pressure washers in fall months. Reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 or online to find a distributor near you.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers are designed to tackle the toughest messes wherever they may occur. Our products feature high-quality stainless steel construction, simple controls, and an innovative Spiralast™ heating coil that improves efficiency and reduces your fuel costs. We manufacture the Spiralast™ coils right here in our facility using a proprietary cold rolled process and robotic welds for exceptional strength and unimpeded flow. Our Spiralast™ lifetime warranty is the ONLY lifetime heating coil warranty in the industry.

  • Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washer Applications

    A hot water pressure washer is essential for any cleanup job involving a sticky, greasy, or oily mess, as well as for applications where a surface must be sanitized. With a variety of models available, including self-contained mobile units with gas, diesel, or electric power, Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers can go anywhere and clean anything. Some common applications include heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, graffiti removal, restaurant hood vent cleaning, and livestock facility cleaning.

Quality & Innovation Since 1985

Hydro Tek

From simple beginnings in 1985, Hydro Tek has grown to become the most trusted name in the pressure washer manufacturing industry.

How did we do it? By continually focusing on quality and reliability as the key to customer satisfaction, and by incorporating the latest technologies into our design and manufacturing processes.

By 1991, we were using computer-aided drafting systems to refine our product designs and improve efficiency. In 1997, we brought the power of computers to the shop floor by incorporating laser-cutting and other CNC manufacturing machinery, and in 2001 we began focusing on improving efficiency through the latest manufacturing techniques. The end result has been superior products delivered at a superior value to our customers. Through the next decade, we look forward to fulfilling our vision of making our products the "obvious choice" for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs.