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Follow These Five Steps to Reduce or Eliminate Germs with a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Follow These Five Steps to Reduce or Eliminate Germs with a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Covid-19 might be encouraging companies and individuals to find ways to reduce germs but the need has been here all along. At Hydro Tek we are proud to offer hot water pressure washers for residential and industrial use. Keep reading to learn about the five steps we recommend you follow so that these high-quality hot water pressure washers can kill as many germs as possible. Call us at 800-274-9376 with any questions.

  1. Start with a Plan
  2. Before you get started, take stock of what you have and what you are cleaning. Will a hot water pressure washer be enough or will you need a professional water pressure washer? You can get an honest assessme6tn by contacting Hydro Tek. You should also determine what disinfectants or cleaners you will need, and how you will get rid of or recycle water once the cleaning is complete.

  3. Set the Right Cleaning Pressure
  4. Every job is unique and every job requires you to find the right cleaning pressure. You will take into consideration a number of factors including how much dirt is on the surface, if there is any oil or grease on the surface, and more. You will also consider the surface itself and how much pressure it can stand without being damaged.

  5. Set the Right Temperature
  6. The hotter you set the water, the more germs and bacteria can be killed. Generally speaking, you are looking for a temperature between 185 – 212F to get rid of much of the bacteria. If you want to get rid of all germs then you will need to go up to 311F. Consider the surface type and make sure it can handle the temperature you choose.

  7. Find the Right Detergent
  8. Depending on the surface and what you are trying to remove, hot water may be enough. In other cases, you may need to add detergent. Before making a choice, consider the local and statewide requirements and recommendations on what you can and cannot use. When you get the right detergent, soak the surface in it for the recommended amount of time.

  9. Rinse Your Surface and Apply Disinfectant
  10. Once it has had time to soak properly, soak the surface with hot water/steam. Remove as much dirt as you can. Remember that while cleaning is essential, it just part of the equation – you should also add disinfectant. Choose one that is okay to use with the material you are using it.

If you need help selecting the best hot water pressure washer to use or the right detergent to use with it, contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 . We offer not just the machines themselves but many accessories, vacuums, water recycling systems, and more.

Can You Name the Top Three Benefits of Cleaning with Hot Water?

Can You Name the Top Three Benefits of Cleaning with Hot Water?

At Hydro Tek we offer both cold and hot water pressure washers. They both have their advantages and their place. However, there are some significant benefits to using hot water to clean with. Do you know what they are? Keep reading to find out and then contact us at 800-274-9376 if you are ready to learn more about the available hot water pressure washers and accessories.

  1. You Get Better, Faster Results
  2. Put simply, hot water cleaning is more efficient than other options. Consider this: Do you wash your dishes at home with hot water or cold water? If you are like most people, you wash your dishes with hot water and for good reason – it is the best, fastest way to get your dishes clean.

    This is true with hot and cold water pressures too. One study showed that hot water could reduce the time it took to clean a surface by as much as 40%. In other instances in which the main substances to be cleaned were oils, fats, and grease, hot water was found to be four times as efficient as cold water.

  3. Hot Water Can Reduce Bacteria and Viruses
  4. You can’t turn on the news or look at the internet without being inundated with news on how you can reduce bacteria and viruses in your home and workplace. While there are many false claims being made, one tried and true option has been used for decades and continues to work: Hot water. One study showed that cleaning a surface with clean water had zero effect on the amount of bacteria on it. When the temperature was raised to 140F bacteria was reduced by 90% and at 176F the bacteria was reduced by 97%.

  5. Hot Water Requires Fewer Resources to Be Consumed
  6. There are three ways that hot water uses fewer resources than cold water. First, it is efficient, as discussed above. The faster you can get a surface clean, the less water you use. Second, it requires less energy due to its shorter cleaning time. Finally, many companies and individuals who use hot water to clean their homes or properties are able to clean without any chemicals. This is great for groundwater, the environment, and the eco-system overall. However, note that if you want to sanitize, you will need to use a sanitizer.

Get Help Finding the Right Hot Water Pressure Washer for Your Needs

If you are ready to get started then we invite your call to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 . Whether you know exactly what you need or you need our expert advice, we are standing by to get you what you need. Call or email us today.

Food and Beverage Processing Plants Need the Sanitization Power That Comes with Hot Water Pressure Washers

Food and Beverage Processing Plants Need the Sanitization Power That Comes with Hot Water Pressure Washers

There may never have been a crisis that better highlights how important it is for every production facility and processing plant to take all necessary steps to sanitize their property. When you work with Hydro Tek, you are working with a company that can provide truly innovative solutions for your maintenance and sanitation needs. Keep reading for more information and then contact us at 800-274-9376 if you need advice or to place an order for a hot water pressure washer.

We Have Worked with Many Different Industries

We know you have options. We know there are other companies out there that claim they offer similar products. However, the truth is that we offer truly innovative options for those in a wide range of industries. Some of the companies we’ve worked in the past have needed equipment for their bakeries, food production plants, and processing facilities. We understand your unique needs and can help you locate the exact products you need.

We Can Help You Get Rid of Soil, Grease, and Much More

We can help with all types of food production markets, but we specialize in cleaning products for production lines, packaging machinery, and conveyor belts. Do you need to get rid of soil? Do you have grease issues? Are you looking for a cleaning solution to your overspray problems? Do you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to remove allergens – all while increasing efficiency on your processing? We can help.

Tell Us What Your Needs Are and We Can Find the Right Solutions

Other companies sell a host of machinery and while their workers may know a little bit about every one of those machines, we know a lot about every item we have. That’s because we specialize in this field. Whether you know exactly the product you need or you are stuck and need expert advice, we are standing by to provide you with the exceptional customer service you should expect.

Work with the Company That Has the Exact Experience You Need

As you consider which company to work with, remember that at Hydro Tek we understand the food and beverage processing industry. We know the language. We know the regulations and the needs of your company. You do not have to spend time explaining what is important or what you need to find – we have you covered.

If you are ready to learn more about sanitization options and you need an expert in pressure washing, then it is time to contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 .

How Can a Pressure Washer Help Farms Sanitize Their Workspaces?

How Can a Pressure Washer Help Farms Sanitize Their Workspaces?

Managing a farm has always been a complicated, difficult process but with the current dangers and complications, it can be even more daunting. The good news is that at Hydro Tek we offer pressure washers for farms that can help sanitize their work spaces. Keep reading to find out more and feel free to call 800-274-9376 with any questions you have.

Keeping Everything Clean and Hygienic Can Be Extremely Time Consuming

Without the right tools and machinery, keeping a farm clean and hygienic can feel impossible. Depending on the type of farm you work, you may have animals, numerous buildings, processing plants, and other property that has unique needs. You need to get rid of anything that could put yourself or your operation into danger.

Pressure Washers Get Rid of Substances That Would Otherwise Accumulate

When you invest in a hot water pressure washer, you are investing in a machine that can help remove everything from dust to mud, from manure to plan matter. Without the pressure washer, even if you spent hours a day sweeping and mopping, these substances could accumulate and settle into crevices you can’t otherwise access. This can be nearly impossible to get rid of – unless you have the right pressure washer.

We Offer Mobile Pressure Washers That Can Get the Job Done

At Hydro Tek we have a large inventory of pressure washers for every need. If you plan to primarily use it indoors, then an electrical pressure washer may be the right choice. However, it must be close enough to an outlet to plug it in.

On the other hand, if you are going to be using it outside, moving it around often, or otherwise will not be near an electric outlet, a gas engine may be preferred. Note that this also comes with the highest amount of power compared to electric options. Are you not sure which of these is best for you? No worries – just call us and we can help.

Save Time, Money, and Labor with the Right Pressure Washing Equipment

Not only can we offer you the pressure washing units we need, at Hydro Tek we offer many accessories too. We are proud of our long history of offering our clients the best of hot water and cold water machines. Simply call us at 800-274-9376 and let us know the industry you are working on. Let us know that you need the most innovative and thorough products for sanitizing your farm workspace. We are here to help you find solutions for your business.

Reliable Hydraulic Service Provider in Fullerton CA

Reliable Hydraulic Service Provider in Fullerton CA

Hydraulic equipment makes the impossible, possible. Unfortunately, they require constant upkeep and service to ensure that they keep working properly. At Bernell Hydraulics, we can help keep your hydraulic equipment operating efficiently and effectively. We operate in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, so if you’re looking for hydraulic service in Fullerton CA, turn to the experts at Bernell Hydraulics!

  1. We provide access to full lines of hydraulic components
  2. No matter what you need to keep your hydraulic equipment running, we have it! At Bernell Hydraulics, we carry full lines of hydraulic components. That includes pumps, pneumatics, rubber products, cylinders, valves and more! We also offer customized hydraulic hoses to meet your exact specs. Whatever you need, trust the experts at Bernell Hydraulics to help you find it. With 4 conveniently located retail stores throughout the Inland Empire area, you’re just minutes away from quality and affordable hydraulic components.  
  3. We offer 24/7 emergency hydraulic repair services
  4. A broken piece of hydraulic equipment can put a significant damper on your operations. It can mean downtime, lost production, lost revenues, and unhappy clients that don’t want to deal with a delay. Thankfully, Bernell Hydraulics offers 24/7 emergency hydraulic repairs. Whether your equipment breaks at noon on a Wednesday or 11 pm on a Friday, our skilled team will come out to the site, diagnose, and repair the issue as quickly as possible.  
  5. We can build custom hydraulic systems that meet your specs
  6. If you need a hydraulic system but no out of the box solutions meet your needs, call Bernell Hydraulics! We offer custom hydraulic systems that meet your exact specifications. From design to final build, we do it all.  
  7. We can assist with preventative hydraulic maintenance services
  8. Keeping your hydraulic equipment up and running is no small feat. In fact, it takes time and energy that many businesses don’t have to spare. Thankfully, Bernell Hydraulics offers preventative maintenance services. We will come out, change fluids, check filter quality, and do a thorough inspection of the entire system to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

Turn to Bernell Hydraulics for all of your hydraulic service needs in Fullerton CA!

If you operate hydraulic equipment in Fullerton CA, Bernell Hydraulics should be your hydraulic partner of choice. For over years, Bernell Hydraulics has been offering quality and reliable hydraulic services in Fullerton CA and beyond. From access to full lines of hydraulic components to 24/7 emergency hydraulic repairs, our skilled team can do it all. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle any job, no matter how large or small it is. Give us a call today at 800-274-9376 to request our reliable and affordable hydraulic services!

To learn more about the hydraulic services that we offer in Fullerton CA and beyond, visit us on the web at Hydro Tek.

You Have Found the Best Machinery to Clean Roofs and Concrete

You Have Found the Best Machinery to Clean Roofs and Concrete

No matter what type of facility you are responsible for, if you have a roof or concrete to clean then it is wise to invest in a Hydro Tek hot water pressure washer. Learn about the various ways in which our products can help your company. Then contact us at 800-274-9376 with any questions or request a catalog online.

There Are Many Substances You May Need to Remove from Roofs and Concrete

There are a number of substances that can make facilities look old and ugly. Moss, mildew, and dirt are just a few examples. Believe it or not, you could lose customers if these types of debris become too noticeable. No one wants to work with a company that cannot take care of their own property. Luckily, pressure washers can help get rid of these and other unsightly spots.

Hot Water Pressure Washers Can Remove Just about Anything from Any Surface

No matter the particular substance that is making a mess on your building, it is likely that the right pressure washer can get rid of it. The key is to find the right pressure and flow to get rid of the debris from your concrete and/or roof. Remember that these units can remove debris from just about any other surface too, including brick walls and exterior walls.

Likewise, they can get rid of just about any mess. The types of things it can get rid of include dirt, graffiti, mud, mildew, algae, paint, tire marks, and much more. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a substance that the right pressure washer can’t get rid of.

The Hydro Twister Makes It Possible to Clean Even Faster

At Hydro Tek we offer more than just pressure washers – we offer a host of accessories too. For example, the Hydro Twister is a great way to speed up the cleaning process. This unique wand can wash an area ten to twenty times faster than your typical wand – and clean more evenly while doing so. If you want to avoid those zebra-streaks on your cleaned surfaces, Hydro Twister may be the option for you.

There are several different Hydro Twister options available, some that are made specifically for cleaning concrete floors and others that have been designed to clean roofs. You can pair the Hydro Twister with any of our hot or cold water pressure washers to get the fastest cleaning possible.

Do You Need to Make Your Cleaner Portable?

If you are cleaning roofs and concrete, it is likely you need a portable cleaner. Once again, Hydro Tek has you covered. We offer several options including tank skids that you can mount to your truck bed, and entirely self-contained trailers. These are compact trailers that are easy to maneuver, tow, and store. Reach out to us today at 800-274-9376 with any questions about how we can help.

Pressure Washers Make the Best Coating Removal Washers

Pressure Washers Make the Best Coating Removal Washers

If you have a coating to remove then there is one tool you need: A pressure washer. The products available from Hydro Tek can provide super-powered cleaning for all types of surfaces. What’s more, our products clean off your surfaces quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of manual labor. Whether you are metal prepping or removing graffiti, you have found the right products.

It is Often Necessary to Remove Coatings

If you are going to put a new finish on a surface, and there is an old coating visible, then it is likely you will need to remove that coating. At Hydro Tek we offer a wide range of pressure washing equipment that can help remove old coatings quickly and easily.

Complete Any Number of Coating Removal Tasks with the Help of Hydro Tek

Our equipment can help in innumerable ways. Do you need to prep a surface for painting but first remove the old paint? We have you covered. Are you dealing with algae and mildew? Or do you want to remove a powder coating? Our products can help with both. From wet sandblasting to graffiti removal to surface cleaning, you will not find better options than the ones you’ll find from us.

Clean Your Surfaces Smarter with Our Easy-to-Use Equipment

When you choose the pressure washers from Hydro Tek, you are choosing equipment that is easy to maintain, reliable, and simple to use. You may be shocked to discover just how much more productive and efficient your team can be when using Hydro Tek products versus the competition.

For example, consider one of our high-flow models that can actually handle two wands at once – that is double the productivity of most units, which can only handle a single wand at once. We also offer models that are safe to use in indoor workshops, or portable models for outdoor needs – no matter what you need, we have it.

There Are Many Reasons to Choose Hydro Tek

We are not the only company selling pressure washers but we are the best. When you choose our products, you are choosing products made in the United States. We use only the highest-quality engines and pumps made for industrial use. Our construction is made from stainless steel to protect against corrosion – even if you use our equipment daily in damp and dirty conditions.

Before we send out products out, they must pass a 47-point inspection. If they do not pass all points then they do not leave our manufacturing facility. These are just a few of the ways you can trust that when you choose our parts, you are choosing the highest quality parts on the market. Contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 if you have questions about your options.

Do You Have Questions about Pressure Washers? Get Simple Answers Today

Do You Have Questions about Pressure Washers? Get Simple Answers Today

If you are working on buying a pressure washer, you likely have many questions. The good news is that you can simply contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 to get the answers you need. In the meantime, you can also check out these answers to see if they provide the help you need.

How Much Pressure is Necessary When I Use a Pressure Washer?

That depends on how you will be using it. If you are using it at home to wash your car, the siding on your house, or your deck, you would likely need about 1,500 to 2,000 PSI. However, if you’re cleaning concrete or getting rid of barnacles from boat hulls, 3,000 PSI is more likely. On the other hand, industrial pressure washers should start at 3,000 PSI and go up based on what they will be doing.

What’s the Right Size Tip to Buy?

Choosing the right pressure washer tip is one of the most important decisions to make while choosing a pressure washer. Tips range from 2.0 to 15.0. IF you choose a tip that is too large you will have to deal with pressure loss. Think of what happens when you put your thumb over the opening of a hose – the larger the opening is, the less pressure you have.

If the tip is too small then you will have higher pressure than you want, belt slippage, higher amp draw, less discharge flow, premature wear to motors, pumps, and unloaders, and hot water discharge. We can help you determine the right-sized tip for your specific needs.

Would a Hot or Cold Water Pressure Work Best for My Needs?

Cold water is great for many different objects and services. It can be used on its own or with soap. Generally speaking, you will likely want cold water if the surfaces you will be cleaning do not have oil or grease. Cold water washers are more affordable to buy and to run.

On the other hand, hot water pressure washers are going to be the best option if you will be cleaning gum, grease, oil, and other sticky substances. Hot water uses can actually partially melt these substances to make them easier to get rid of – often without the need for detergents or soaps.

How Do I Find the Best Pressure Washer?

Contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 . We can discuss your needs, your options, and the advantages of each option. We will ensure you have all the necessary information to make the right decision for your needs. Call us now and let us get started.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers are designed to tackle the toughest messes wherever they may occur. Our products feature high-quality stainless steel construction, simple controls, and an innovative Spiralast™ heating coil that improves efficiency and reduces your fuel costs. We manufacture the Spiralast™ coils right here in our facility using a proprietary cold rolled process and robotic welds for exceptional strength and unimpeded flow. Our Spiralast™ lifetime warranty is the ONLY lifetime heating coil warranty in the industry.

  • Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washer Applications

    A hot water pressure washer is essential for any cleanup job involving a sticky, greasy, or oily mess, as well as for applications where a surface must be sanitized. With a variety of models available, including self-contained mobile units with gas, diesel, or electric power, Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers can go anywhere and clean anything. Some common applications include heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, graffiti removal, restaurant hood vent cleaning, and livestock facility cleaning.

Quality & Innovation Since 1985

Hydro Tek

From simple beginnings in 1985, Hydro Tek has grown to become the most trusted name in the pressure washer manufacturing industry.

How did we do it? By continually focusing on quality and reliability as the key to customer satisfaction, and by incorporating the latest technologies into our design and manufacturing processes.

By 1991, we were using computer-aided drafting systems to refine our product designs and improve efficiency. In 1997, we brought the power of computers to the shop floor by incorporating laser-cutting and other CNC manufacturing machinery, and in 2001 we began focusing on improving efficiency through the latest manufacturing techniques. The end result has been superior products delivered at a superior value to our customers. Through the next decade, we look forward to fulfilling our vision of making our products the "obvious choice" for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs.