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The Incredible Features of Our Completely Self Contained Gas Powered Vacuum Recovery System

The Incredible Features of Our Completely Self Contained Gas Powered Vacuum Recovery SystemYour pressure washing equipment creates waste – there’s no way around it – but you can get yourself in control of where that waste goes. This can be essential if you regularly clean up oil or work with toxic chemicals you don’t want released into the environment. The good news is that Hydro Tek offers the industrial vacuums you need.

Our equipment is capable of vacuuming up water and pumping it straight to your sewer, bulk tank, landscape – or wherever you like. Never deal with wasting time or big delays in your cleanup process. Read on to read more about one of our newest options, the completely self-contained gas powered vacuum recovery system, and then contact us at 800-274-9376 for more information.

The perfect choice for facilities that need to collect wash water or pick up after a fire or flood

There are a long list of situations in which this system is the perfect solution, from crews cleaning up after fires or floods, to maintenance crews that have to collect wash water. Our polyethylene separation tanks are uniquely non-corrosive. We’ve made sure that they weigh a lot less than your typical 50-gallon steel drum, and we make it easy for you to quickly and easily get inside via a quick lift-off lid. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

The valve is oversized for ease of use

Our large 1 ½ inch valve is perfect for getting rid of solids and sludge that settles at the bottom of your vacuum. Each of the two separation tanks has a transfer system that automatically pumps water out to wherever you need it to – whether a sanitary sewer, bulk tank, landscape, or wherever it’s permitted. You don’t have to deal with heavy tipping to dump it into your own tanks.

The long list of features will impress you

At Hydro Tek, we know this business inside and out and we know what our clients need. That’s why we’ve created this 100% self-contained unit that doesn’t need a generator or even a 110v plug for the transfer pumps. Instead, you can hook up your transfer pumps directly to an on-board 12v battery. We have truly thought of everything to make this system as useful as possible for you.

We also know that you want total control of air flow when you’re using different pickup devices, or when you have different hose lengths. That’s why we’ve given this unit an air throttle valve right on the vacuum tank. There are also quick-plug connectors for high water shutdown and for transfer pumps. You can use with either one or two pickup devices, and recovery is up to 25gpm with a total hose length of 350 feet.

We also know that you don’t want space taken up unnecessarily, which is why this system has such a small footprint with both the fuel tank and the battery box integrated right into the frame. There’s a lift-out strainer basket that makes it easy to get rid of large pieces of debris before you empty the rest into separation tanks.

What’s more, you can actually vacuum and pump out at the same time – and automatically. That’s right, you won’t lose suction or lose time dumping tanks. If this all sounds too good to be true then we recommend you reach out to Hydro Tek right away at 800-274-9376 .

3 Reasons to Work with Your Local Pressure Washer Service Center

3 Reasons to Work with Your Local Pressure Washer Service Center

At Hydro Tek, we have a few goals. One is obviously to offer distribution deals for the best hot water and cold water pressure washers in the industry. Another goal is to ensure that every customer is happy with their purchase – and part of reaching that goal involves ensuring that they have access to the best partners in the business.

That’s why we always encourage our clients to work with their local pressure washer service center. You can find your local distributor online or give us a call at 800-274-9376 to learn more about your many options. We look forward to helping you move forward and offering the best services possible to you.

  1. You have access to a complete repair service

  2. One of the great things about working with Hydro Tek is that we offer incredible warranties on our pressure washers. We do this because we stand behind the units we sell, but in the event that you do need warranty repair done, the local center will be your best bet.

    When you work with your local, authorized, warranty center, you’ll get your pressure washer back in working order in no time – and you can significantly reduce your downtime. When you want superior service, incredible workmanship, and the personalized attention you deserve, then your local pressure washer service center is the right choice. Centers that are authorized by the factory offer both on-site repairs and in-house repairs.

  3. You can get in-person information about everything you need

  4. When you work with the factory authorized pressure washer service center, you’re working with technicians who are experienced, and a whole lot more. These are people who’ve attended our factory training on both sales and service – which means they can help you with both.

    Many of the folks at these service centers have decades of experience just working with pressure washers. They know these machines inside and out, they have a fleet of service trucks available, and they can provide you with essential resources you might not even think to ask for. Local distributors can also help service pressure washers for regular maintenance.

  5. You’re supporting a local business

  6. When you work with a local company, you’re ensure that your money stays in your local economy – which can have a huge impact on your local community. You can also build relationships with these local folks who can help you find the right equipment, can help offer tips to sell to your clients, and can even troubleshoot a variety of issues you may have.

Finally, they can even advise you about the trends and economic realities not just of this industry but of the industry in your region. After all, why waste time going after a certain demographic if they have information that there’s a better option? To learn more about your options to get involved in the distribution of pressure washers, contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 today.

6 Applications for Pressure Washers That You May Not Have Thought Of

6 Applications for Pressure Washers That You May Not Have Thought Of

Whether you’re already selling pressure washers to your customers or you’re thinking about adding them to your inventory, Hydro Tek is excited to do business with you. We know that it’s common for our clients to think of our quality equipment in just one or two applications but you may be surprised to learn what some of our end users use our pressure washers for. Here are six applications that may surprise you.

  1. Coating removal washer

  2. For companies or individuals who are constantly removing graffiti, prep cleaning metal, or other things that require the removal of coating, a pressure washer may be just the thing for them. These pressure washers can clean a long list of surfaces quickly, easily, efficiently, and without much manual labor at all.

  3. Off shore rig washer

  4. From cleaning up a small oil spill, to hose drilling mud right off the rig, to a number of things in between, hot water pressure washers can handle a lot more than you may imagine. Don’t forget that Hydro Tek is also here to supply mobile systems that can reach virtually any part of an offshore rig.

  5. Oil spill cleanup

  6. Of course, an off shore rig isn’t the only place your clients may deal with a minor oil spill. Our mobile units are perfect for any type of environmental cleanup – especially when they’re paired up with a high powered vacuum system. The equipment available from Hydro Tek makes it easy to clean up oil-coated objects and to capture and get rid of the contaminants.

  7. Logging equipment washer

  8. When you think of logging, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you worked in the logging industry, the answer would likely be: Mud. There’s a ton of heavy equipment required by a logging businesses, and that equipment gets dirty every time it’s used. Whether it’s crusted with mud, has engine fluids, grease, or oil on it, the opportunity for logging companies to instantly blast their equipment clean is one they won’t want to pass up.

  9. Oil field equipment washer

  10. Oil field cleanup is notoriously difficult and messy, but it just got a lot easier with the SS portable pressure washer available from Hydro Tek. It can be mounted to a truck or on a trailer, and can be driven almost anywhere – even the most remote location. This is a great way to keep pumping and drilling equipment clean and in good operating shape.

  11. Roof and concrete cleaner

  12. Anytime a person sees mold, mildew, moss, or dirt, they’re going to find the place they’re in to be dirty, old, and unappealing. Depending on the type of business in question, this can easily lead to losing clients. The good news is that there are numerous pressure washers available from Hydro Tek that can meet any needs.

Are you ready to learn more about selling our incredible pressure washers? Then reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 .

How to Convince a Property Management Company to Invest in a Pressure Washer

How to Convince a Property Management Company to Invest in a Pressure Washer

As a distributor of Hydro Tek, you’ll have a lot of ways to show your clients and customers just how incredible our products are. However, we want to make sure that you’re considering all your potential markets. That’s why we’re offering you some tips today to help you if you haven’t yet reached out to your local property management companies. Here are a few reasons you can give them to invest in one of our high quality pressure washers.

Dirty ceilings can be enough to lose tenants

Even if you have a unit professionally cleaned, the cleaning company is not likely to do an exceptional job on the ceilings. This may seem like a small deal, but remember that potential tenants are going to remember the one thing they didn’t like – not the 100 things they did like. With a pressure washer, a property management company can ensure that those out-of-reach but still visible areas are clean as can be.

Pressure washers can reduce labor costs

Ask the property management manager how many hours they spend per year washing windows. Ask them how many hours they spend sending their maintenance people out to wash hard-to-reach areas, or to clean stubborn parts of a building? If the answer is “too many” then your answer should be: Invest in a hot water pressure washer. Not only will they help to reduce labor hours spent on these tasks, but they can lower the overall cleaning costs.

Pressure washers can reduce the cost of chemicals

As we mentioned above, lowering labor hours isn’t the only way to reduce costs with a pressure washer – they can also reduce the cost of chemicals. For example, if you do have a workman up on a ladder, washing second, third, fourth, etc. story windows, what are they using? Window cleaner. And what happens as soon as they spray it? It starts to drip down the window and gets washed away. With a pressure washer, just the water itself is enough.

Pressure washers are good for the environment

In this day and age, many tenants are looking for property management companies that are into green living and green property management. Though a water pressure washer may initially seem to waste water, the opposite is actually true. Because they are so efficient, they use their water in a very targeted way, and the result can be a much lower water usage rate than you’d see with other methods.

There are mobile options out there

Many property management companies simply don’t know about the latest advancements in hot water pressure washers. For example, they don’t know that they can invest in a mobile unit that can be installed to a truck or a trailer. This makes it simple for companies to quickly and easily get the pressure washer from one location to another.

Is Training Really Necessary for Selling Pressure Washers?

Is Training Really Necessary for Selling Pressure Washers?

If your company is considering offering pressure washers, then you may assume that extensive training isn’t necessary. After all, you know the basics and if the client has questions, they can visit the site of the manufacturer, right? Well, this may result in some sales, but Hydro Tek is here to tell you that training can be more useful than you think. What’s more, we offer you training at a number of local distribution locations.

Learn how to operate and maintain pressure washing equipment

First and foremost, training can help you and your employees learn how to operate and maintain a hot pressure or cold water pressure washer. By actually learning how to operate this machinery, you’ll be better able to answer questions to the end consumer. By learning how to maintain these units, you can answer questions both at the point of sale and months down the line when they have questions.

It may seem as though you wouldn’t want to help customers maintain their pressure washer. After all, the sooner they need to replace it, the sooner you’ll be ready to make another sale. However, remember that your bread and butter doesn’t come from selling hot water pressure washers. If you can sell a few and make a profit, that’s great – but the real value is in encouraging customers to believe in your product and your expertise. Knowing the products you sell inside and out is a great way to achieve this.

Learn all about proper safety protocol

The machines we sell at Hydro Tek are serious. They are extremely powerful – and extremely effective – but their power can make them dangerous in the wrong hands. There are overall regulations on operating these machines safely, and then there are local regulations – and these regulations may differ. By working with a trainer who knows your industry and your locale inside and out, you are assured to know the latest regulations.

Learn how to upsell

Any good salesperson will tell you that a large part of being a successful salesperson is upselling. This means if you work at a restaurant and someone orders a burger, you subtly convince them that they need fries and a drink too.

In the world of pressure washers, upselling means adding in accessories, detergents, and other incidentals that will help your clients get the most out of their pressure washer. If you aren’t able to explain exactly how these work – and why they’re a great idea for your clients – then it will end up just looking as though you are trying to sell them something. Your goal is to convince them that they need these things, not just to convince them that you want to sell them.

These are just some of the advantages of training with your local pressure washer distributor. If you have questions or need to help finding the right location, feel free to reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 .

2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Pressure Washer

2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Pressure WasherAll power washers are not created equal, yet many people in the process of buying one simply aren’t sure how to narrow down their options or how to choose once they’ve narrowed them down. At Hydro Tek, we are always happy to help you choose the right washer but you can also use these two questions to figure out which one is right for you.

Where do you plan to use your pressure washer?

Does that sound like a simple question? The truth is that whether or not you’re cleaning inside or outside makes a big difference when choosing from various pressure washers. You’ll need to keep in mind the location you’ll generally be using your power washer to answer these two questions that will help you find the right power washer:

  1. Are you cleaning on a job site that requires a gas pressure washer or are you cleaning somewhere that has easy access to an electric socket that could make it possible to use an electric power washer?
  2. Do you need to move your washer around regularly and thus need it to have wheels? Or will you use your pressure washer to clean items that can be moved around so you can clean them?

Once you’ve answered those two questions, you’ll have narrowed down your options.

Choosing an electric versus gas pressure washer

If you plan to use your new pressure washer inside, then you’ll be limited with an electric model. For example, you’ll have to use a motor that runs on electricity and is outfitted with a high-pressure pump. That electric motor is going to further limit you because it won’t be portable if it must be attacked to an electrical outlet.

If you’re planning to clean outdoors, then you’ll have more options. You can use either an electric or a gas pressure washer – and these are the two most popular options. Generally speaking, an electric power washer is more affordable, but gas washers are more easily moved around, which is necessary for some applications.

You’ll also think about where the water will come from. In some cases, they’re fed by nothing more than a typical garden hose. In other cases, they’ll need a big tank to draw from. Once again, we welcome you to call us and find out the difference between various hot and cold pressure washer options.

Consider the amount of time you’ll be using your power washer on a weekly basis

Will you use your power washer for fewer than five weeks on average? If so, you might be able to use a cheaper model you’ll find in your local hardware store. However, just remember that you’re not going to get the exceptional service, customer support, or warranty you can count on from Hydro Tek.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Power Washers

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Power Washers If you’re considering investing in a commercial power washer then you likely have questions. You can always call Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 to get answers but we also wanted to provide you with some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our products.

Do I need a hot or cold water pressure washer?

Think about the surfaces you plan to most frequently wash. If they include any type of grease or oil, then you’re going to need a hot pressure washer because it will do the best job of getting through tough grease. On the other hand, if you’re likely to use it frequently to clean off surfaces that have mud or dirt caked on them, then you’re likely to want a cold water pressure washer. If you’re still not sure of which option to choose, give us a call at 800-274-9376 .

Is PSI or GPM more important?

Once again, this depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking to clean up heavy soils then GPM, which stands for gallon per minute is likely to be the most important factor to you. On the other hand, PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch of pressure, is likely to be the most important factor if you’re regularly cleaning grime that’s really stuck on.

No matter what you’ve seen on product labels or in ads, volume is going to be the factor you’ll need to consider. You need a power washer that’s going to offer you the right balance of pressure and volume. In order to choose the right option, let our experienced techs offer you the right option for your needs.

Do I need accessories for my new pressure washer?

Some people need accessories and others don’t. When you consider the options critically, you’ll see that most accessories are pretty affordable and they can help you get your work done both more quickly and more affordably. You’ll also likely save some wear and tear on your hot or cold water pressure washer.

Consider this example – most pressure washers use much more detergent than they need to. This is often caused by the detergent valve always being opened all the way. One accessory, a fixed orifice system, can help users use less detergent while still getting great results.

Or consider the hose real. This helps ensure that your pressure hose isn’t spending time lying on the ground, absorbing oil and getting damaged by vehicles or people traveling over it. With a hose reel, you can more easily handle a longer pressure hose – which means you can clean a larger area.

Get help finding the right pressure washer

No matter what your needs are, if you’re shopping for a commercial pressure washer then Hydro Tek is the company you want to work with. Call us today at 800-274-9376 and let us walk you through the process of selecting and buying the right washer for your needs.

Do You Need a Hot or Cold Water Pressure System? Find the Answers You Need

Do You Need a Hot or Cold Water Pressure System? Find the Answers You Need

At Hydro Tek, we’re always here to help clients (or potential clients) find the best pressure washer and accessories for their individual needs. We’ve previously provided answers to frequently asked questions about pressure washers, but today we want to concrete on one of the questions we get more than any other: Do I need a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure? We are proud to offer both options and we are here to help you understand which one will work best for your unique needs.

Situations that call for a cold water pressure system

You can be successful in cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and objects with a cold water pressure system. It works by offering a very high impact spray, as well as the soaps or cleaning chemicals you use in your system. We generally recommend cold water only in a situation where you won’t be cleaning up grease or oil. That said, if you use the right cleaners, a cold water pressure system can be successful in cleaning up both oil and grease. For more information on what chemicals and cleaning products are needed, feel free to reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 .

Situations that can for a hot water pressure system

If you’ve ever tried to wash the dishes with cold water then you know that hot water can make washing a lot easier. This is particularly true if you’re regularly dealing with things like grease, oil, or other petrochemicals. As we mentioned above, a cold water pressure system can work on these substances – but only if chemicals are used.


Hot water often makes the cleaning process much faster. It is more effective at loosening up gum, dirt, grease, oil, and other problematic substances. Most of the hot water pressure systems you’ll see will use either diesel gasoline or kerosene to heat up the water within its coil. That heating coil, along with the burner system in general, does make this type of pressure washer much heavier than a cold water system. It’s also just generally more complex and requires more maintenance compared to cold water unit.


Additionally, unless you use some type of self-contained power source like a generator or a battery, the burner system in a hot water pressure heater requires electricity, which means that it will need to be plugged in. Of course, at Hydro Tek we offer systems that run on electricity but we also offer battery-run systems.


As you can see, there are pros and cons to both option. If you’re still not sure which one will work, feel free to reach out to us at 800-274-9376 . We specialize in these systems and you won’t find a company more qualified to answer your questions.

Pressure Washers Are Not All Created Equal: Read About the Advantages of Hydro Tek


Pressure Washers Are Not All Created Equal: Read About the Advantages of Hydro Tek

Many people assume that one pressure washer is pretty similar to other pressure washer. Hydro Tek is here to tell you that this simply isn’t true. No matter what you buy from us, whether it’s a pressure washer, pressure steamer, mobile wash skid, or an accessory, you can count on us using stainless steel whenever it’s possible. We work hard to ensure that every product you’ll buy from us is strong, durable, and up for the challenges you’ll put it through. Following are just a few of the reasons that our equipment is the best in the business.

We abide by the ISO 9001:2015 requirements

We are proud to say that we’re ISO 9001:2015 certified. We follow the most stringent requirements set out by this set of quality standards. As a result, you can count on our products being high quality – but it doesn’t begin and end there. From the paperwork you receive from us, to the design of our pressure washers, we take every step seriously. When you buy a pressure washer from us, you should know that it’s passed a rigorous 47-point final inspection to ensure it’s up to our standards.

We manufacturer our own coils to ensure their quality

The coils included in your products are not bought by Hydro Tek, they’re made by us. As a result, we’re able to offer a lifetime warranty. That’s how strongly we believe in this product. In fact, you’re guaranteed that it won’t corrode for the life of the product – both inside and out. We utilize a double wall system to ensure that the heat of the burner doesn’t affect the quality or performance of our products.

We use durable panels

Of course our stainless steel panels are shiny and look great, but they’re also incredible durable and will provide corrosion resistance for the life of your pressure washer. You want your machine to look great for years to come, and we provide that, but we also ensure it’ll run. You’ll also appreciate our quick connects that ensure you have total access to all interior components.

You can believe in our rugged frames

When you choose Hydro Tek, you are truly choosing the ultimate in protection. One more example of that can be found in our Pro-Tect-It frames. They’re made of one and one-quarter inch heavy gauge steel, which is completed with a powder coat finish that’s durable. There’s also a built-in lifting eye that ensures you have tons of protection when you’re moving your system – not to mention the protection you need.

Of course, the above are just a few of the reasons that the pressure washers you’ll buy from Hydro Tek are the best in the business. To learn more about your options, reach out to Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 today.

Are You Missing Out on Some of the Best Accessories for Your Pressure Washer?

Are You Missing Out on Some of the Best Accessories for Your Pressure Washer?

You love your pressure washer from Hydro Tek but did you know that there are a number of accessories that can make it even more effective and easier to use? Like every pressure washer we sell, our accessories are made with the highest standards in mind and with only the most durable materials. You can count on our products to work just as hard as you do. Read on to learn more about accessory options and then contact us at 800-274-9376 with any questions you may have.

The Hydro Twister Convertible Undercarriage Surface Cleaner

If you regularly clean the undercarriage of surfaces then this convertible undercarriage surface cleaner may change the way you get jobs done. It’s perfect to clean off crop seeds and dirt from tractors, to get slime and oil off a boat hull, to remove mud from off-road vehicles, to get rid of grease from under cars at repair shops, and to rid motorhomes and trailers of road grime.

The Hydro Twister Roof Cleaner

The Hydro Twister Roof Cleaner does just what it sounds like – it cleans mildew, dirt, and algae from roofs. Made with rust-resistant stainless steel, this accessory will stand up in even the harshest conditions. It comes with a pressure reduction valve, wheels that won’t mark, ball valve to shut off water, and a pressure gauge. You can adjust the width and height of the wheels without using tools for added convenience.

Hose Reels

We offer hose reels that can be mounted just about anywhere you want them to. They then offer a quick and easy way to store and discharge the hoses for your pressure washer. Our options can swivel as much as 180 degrees, which allows you to unroll your hoses from any direction you need to. When you’re ready to go, just reel the hose on to the drum with the handle we provide. You then just set the lock pin and you can take off! Our universal mounts are made in the U.S. and come to you fully assembled.

Muck Scupper and Sledge Pump

Why invest in a sludge, slurry, or water evacuator when your pressure washer can do the trick with the right attachment? Or muck scupper and sledge pump is made from stainless steel that’s durable and won’t break, rust, or corrode. It was made with heavy industrial use in mind, and it fits easily into even the tightest corners. Use it like you’d use a scraper to loosen up muck.

Our design works at an angle and has been shown to perform as much as 45% better than similar sludge pumps. You can extra vertically up to two stories and the rate is as much as 15 times the flow rate of a pressure washer without this attachment. It comes with a 15 foot discharge hose but there are other lengths available. Just reach out to Hydro Tek for more information.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers are designed to tackle the toughest messes wherever they may occur. Our products feature high-quality stainless steel construction, simple controls, and an innovative Spiralast™ heating coil that improves efficiency and reduces your fuel costs. We manufacture the Spiralast™ coils right here in our facility using a proprietary cold rolled process and robotic welds for exceptional strength and unimpeded flow. Our Spiralast™ lifetime warranty is the ONLY lifetime heating coil warranty in the industry.

  • Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washer Applications

    A hot water pressure washer is essential for any cleanup job involving a sticky, greasy, or oily mess, as well as for applications where a surface must be sanitized. With a variety of models available, including self-contained mobile units with gas, diesel, or electric power, Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers can go anywhere and clean anything. Some common applications include heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, graffiti removal, restaurant hood vent cleaning, and livestock facility cleaning.

Quality & Innovation Since 1985

Hydro Tek

From simple beginnings in 1985, Hydro Tek has grown to become the most trusted name in the pressure washer manufacturing industry.

How did we do it? By continually focusing on quality and reliability as the key to customer satisfaction, and by incorporating the latest technologies into our design and manufacturing processes.

By 1991, we were using computer-aided drafting systems to refine our product designs and improve efficiency. In 1997, we brought the power of computers to the shop floor by incorporating laser-cutting and other CNC manufacturing machinery, and in 2001 we began focusing on improving efficiency through the latest manufacturing techniques. The end result has been superior products delivered at a superior value to our customers. Through the next decade, we look forward to fulfilling our vision of making our products the "obvious choice" for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs.