Trailer / Truck Bed Mounted Self-Contained Filtration

12 gpm Recovery - 5 gpm Process

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Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical and effective with the AZV Series. The AZV vacuum recovery and filtration system provides 7 stages of filtration with up to 5 gpm continuous five micron processing of wastewater where soaps and other chemicals are not used.

Wastewater is recovered through a vacuum scupper to eliminate run-off. Recycled water is pumped back to your bulk water tank for reuse to power wash concrete or other flatwork or diverted to landscaping or sewer as permitted. Heavy solids are collected in the V-section of the tank and are easily removed through a quick purge dump valve.

When combined with a Hydro Tek SC or SCU Series washer and ProTowWash® trailer or tank skid, you have a complete self-contained mobile wash, recovery, and recycle unit. The system is the choice of professional cleaners to protect the environment, conserve water, and comply with EPA storm drain requirements. (For use with cold water or hot water up to 200°F)

Complete system includes: 50’ vacuum hose, scupper and containment berms.


  • Vacuum Recovery Rate 12 GPM
  • Wastewater Process Rate 5 GPM
  • 5 Micron finish processing
  • Automatic Pump Out, transfers water while pick up continues without interruption
  • Reusable and Replaceable filter cartridges
  • Seamless Purple Polyethylene Hopper complies with California Title 22 recycled non-potable water identification requirements

AZV55 Vacuum Recovery & Filtration
Powered by Hydro Tek SC or SCU Series Skid

AZV55 Tek Sheet

Hydro Loop

Tek Sheet

AZV55 Water Filtration System

Also available as 120volt
Requires 3500watt generator or 120volt wall outlet.

The RZVE1 vacuum filtration has the same features as the AZV55. The vacuum and pump out are both 120 volts. Includes a 35’ power cord with ground fault interrupter that can be plugged into a standard 120v wall outlet or a 3500 watt generator may be used for portability.
(May not be powered by SC series 2900 watt generator)

RZVE1 Tek Sheet

Caution: Vacuum recovery may be inhibited if mounted higher that 30” from ground level