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The Pros and Cons of Gas v Electric Pressure Washers

The Pros and Cons of Gas v Electric Pressure Washers

The Pros and Cons of Gas v Electric Pressure Washers

As you search for the right pressure washer, there are many factors you will have to consider and compare. If you are like many buyers you will be comparing the pros and cons of gas versus electric pressure washers. You can contact Hydro Tek for a personal analysis if your needs and the best power washer to meet them. In the meantime, keep reading for a direct comparison between gas and electric power washers.

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Pressure Washers

As the name implies, a gas pressure washer runs on gas. They are the original option and people who have worked with many pressure washers over the years often want to stick with what they know and what they know is gas pressure washers.

One of the biggest advantages of a gas pressure washer is that it is very mobile. Unlike an electric power washer that must be plugged in – and therefore within range of an electric outlet – gas pressure washers do not require an external energy source.

While that is an advantage in some situations, it can actually be a disadvantage in others. How? Because gas units cannot be used in enclosed areas. For example, if a person wanted to use a power washer to clean a basement, they would not be able to use a gas power washer because the fumes can be dangerous.

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are less popular than gas pressure washers but that should not be reason in and of itself to choose gas. Why? Because electric pressure washers are relatively new to the scene. As a result, it stands to reason that their gas counterparts would be doing better.

As noted above, one of the advantages of a gas pressure washer is that it can be used indoors or in any enclosed space without fear of danger from fumes. It is also generally more affordable than a gas pressure washer, which makes it a great choice for an individual. Finally, electric pressure washers are noticeably quieter than their gas counterpart, which can be a big bonus for some people.

That said, the affordability is there for a reason – there are downsides. First, gas power washers do not have the same amount of power as a gas option. For this reason, professional pressure washers are almost always gas, unless they are being indoors and electric is a must. Second, electric pressure washers are not as common and do not have as many accessories.

We Can Help You Determine Which Pressure Washer to Choose

Which pressure washer is best for you? That depends on what you will be using it for, where you will be using it, your budget, and your priorities. If the guide above still hasn’t convinced you of which one to buy, contact Hydro Tek at 800-274-9376 and we can help.

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  • Hot Water Pressure Washers

    Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers are designed to tackle the toughest messes wherever they may occur. Our products feature high-quality stainless steel construction, simple controls, and an innovative Spiralast™ heating coil that improves efficiency and reduces your fuel costs. We manufacture the Spiralast™ coils right here in our facility using a proprietary cold rolled process and robotic welds for exceptional strength and unimpeded flow. Our Spiralast™ lifetime warranty is the ONLY lifetime heating coil warranty in the industry.

  • Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washer Applications

    A hot water pressure washer is essential for any cleanup job involving a sticky, greasy, or oily mess, as well as for applications where a surface must be sanitized. With a variety of models available, including self-contained mobile units with gas, diesel, or electric power, Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers can go anywhere and clean anything. Some common applications include heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, graffiti removal, restaurant hood vent cleaning, and livestock facility cleaning.

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From simple beginnings in 1985, Hydro Tek has grown to become the most trusted name in the pressure washer manufacturing industry.

How did we do it? By continually focusing on quality and reliability as the key to customer satisfaction, and by incorporating the latest technologies into our design and manufacturing processes.

By 1991, we were using computer-aided drafting systems to refine our product designs and improve efficiency. In 1997, we brought the power of computers to the shop floor by incorporating laser-cutting and other CNC manufacturing machinery, and in 2001 we began focusing on improving efficiency through the latest manufacturing techniques. The end result has been superior products delivered at a superior value to our customers. Through the next decade, we look forward to fulfilling our vision of making our products the "obvious choice" for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs.