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Learn How to Remove The Stains from Concrete Surfaces

Learn How to Remove The Stains from Concrete Surfaces

There are many advantages to using concrete but there is one major downfall: It can stain easily. T

Learn How to Remove Stains from Concrete Surfaces

his is why it is so important to remove spills as soon as you can after they happen. This can help prevent them from becoming permanent. Keep reading to learn how a pressure washer can be helpful in reducing or removing stains from concrete.

Soak Up Spills as Soon as You See Them

If you catch a spill early enough, you will not necessarily need to use a pressure washer to get it clean. Instead, soak up the fluids that have been spilled. You can use a number of things to soak up the liquid. If it’s a simple spill, use paper towels or cloths. If it’s oil or something else you do not want to touch, use kitty litter to soak up the liquid, then sweep it and throw it away. Make sure that you are only patting the fluid and never wiping it – wiping fluids can cause the stain to spread even further.

Sealed Concrete is Less Likely to Stain

We strongly recommend sealing your concrete to make it harder to stain. If you have unsealed concrete, any stains that do happen can easily get very deep into the concrete. When you use a high-quality topical sealer or film, there is a barrier on the surface of the concrete. This makes it harder for anything to soak into the concrete. We do recommend that if you are going to apply a sealant, you first power clean the surface to ensure you are not sealing any dirt in and to help the sealant better adhere.

A Few Notes About Sealing Your Concrete

There are companies that specialize in providing concrete sealing services. They can get it done quickly and more economically than you might think. However, if you are going to take on the project yourself make sure that you first test a small area of the concrete to ensure that there is no damage to it. Wait a few days to make sure that it does not have unintended consequences such as lightening parts of the concrete.

How to Use Paint Strippers and Solvents to Remove Stains

If you have stains made up of oils, fats, silicon, or something extra-sticky like chewing gum, paint strippers or solvents may provide the right solution. First, choose the right substance, whether acetone, a de-greaser, or a mentholated spirit.

Get as much of the spill as you can by patting it with a towel. Once again, do not rub it as this can spread the stain. Cover the stain with the cleaning solution you have chosen and let it sit for 20 minutes to half an hour. Then use your pressure washer to get rid of the cleaner and the stain. Remember that if you need help selecting the right products or equipment, Hydro Tek is here to help.

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  • Advantages of a Hot Water Pressure Washer

    Simply by heating up the water, a hot water pressure washer delivers dramatically improved cleaning power compared to a cold water machine. Hot water pressure washers are especially useful for cleaning sticky, greasy, or oily surfaces, because they will loosen the dirt much faster without the large amounts of soap, detergent, or other cleaning chemicals that must be used with a cold water system.

  • Hot Water Pressure Washer Applications

    A hot water pressure washer is essential for any cleanup job involving a sticky, greasy, or oily mess, as well as for applications where a surface must be sanitized. With a variety of models available, including self-contained mobile units with gas, diesel, or electric power, Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers can go anywhere and clean anything. Some common applications include heavy equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, graffiti removal, restaurant hood vent cleaning, and livestock facility cleaning.

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