Quagga Killer

Zebra & Quagga Mussel Removal
Boat, Bilge & Engine Decontamination
Removes Mussels and Kills Larvae

HOT water is needed to kill zebra and quagga mussels and their larvae to keep them out of lakes and rivers where they do not belong. Our SS series decontamination washer delivers high pressure to clean watercraft and maintains 160⁰+ hot water at both high and low pressure for killing mussels and larvae as well as for cleaning, flushing, and decontaminating watercraft, engines, bilge water, and catch storage areas. Hydro Tek Decontamination packages are currently being used by State and Federal Wildlife, Fish & Game, Agriculture and Water Departments throughout the United States.

More info on the SS35004VH Pressure Washer used for decontamination

SS Pressure Washer aka The Quagga Killer

SS Series – Mobile Wash Skid
High Altitude rated Washer
Steam / Hot / Cold Water – Self Contained: Diesel Heated, Gas Engine, 12v Burner


  • Complete Decontamination Accessories Packages
  • High Altitude Capabilities
  • Portable Units
  • Trailer Packages
  • Truck Mounted
  • Water containment mats for Water Recovery/Recycle


  • Hose Reel (AR188)
  • Trailer
  • Tank skid
  • Downstream soap injection kit (AC340)
  • Wheel kit options
  • Lower front extension panel (HS079)
  • 12-volt battery
  • Dual lance variable pressure wand with twist couplers
  • Optional wheel kit

Call Scott Miller our State Municipalities and Aquatic Nuisance Species Specialist for more information about a system tailored to your specific application.
(800) 274-9376 x234 or at (909) 583-9934 or via Email at:

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