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Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination Equipment

Zebra & Quagga Mussel / ANS Aquatic Nuisance Species Decontamination


Zebra musselsZebra mussel removal


We offer ANS/Zebra and Quagga mussel decontamination products:

  • Pressure Washer Decontamination Units that produce Hot Water to be applied at High and Low Pressure for mussel removal, rinsing and flushing of watercraft compartments and bilges in order to kill zebra and quagga mussels as well as thier larvae
  • This decontamination equipment can be purchased stand alone, on a trailer, with a wheel kit, or truck mounted.


Hydro Tek Water Recycle TrailerSS with standard wheel kit for email

Unique Features:

  • Maintains 160F+ degrees hot water at both high and low pressure to kill mussels/larvae, and for cleaning, flushing and decontaminating watercraft, engines, bilge water, catch storage, etc.
  • High altitude rated and adjustable for applications in mountainous or elevated areas.
  • Compact packages that can be ordered in a variety of configurations to best suit the needs of each individual decontamination scenario
  • Stainless steel panels and heating coil cover to protect the equipment while being used in a wet environment
  • Lifetime Warranty on the heating coil that uses a proprietary manufacturing process in order to heat the water efficiently and ensure that it maintains the proper temperature to effectively kill mussels and larvae
  • Made in the USA


Decontamination accessories available:

  • Waste water recovery and recycle equipment for water conservation
  • Containment mats for gathering wash water for pickup
  • Single or Dual axle trailers with capacity of 200 to 540 gallons of water
  • Cleaning/flushing attachments specially designed for effective watercraft decontamination
  • Storage boxes, stainless steel hose reels, additional hoses


Where are Hydro Tek decontamination units being used?

Many Federal, State, and Local Wildlife, Game & Fish, Agriculture and Water Departments across the nation are using Hydro Tek Decontamination Systems. Hydro Tek has been the leader in portable waste water recycle technology for many years  utilizing this water conservation equipment for various applications.


ANS Decontamination TrailersHYDRO TEK NO WATER WASTED T400 TRAILER AZV55 3500 PSI @ 5 GPM

Additional Information about Hydro Tek Decontamination Equipment:

Zebra & Quagga Mussel Removal, Boat, Bilge & Engine Decontamination, Removes Mussels and Kills Larvae

HOT water is needed to kill zebra and quagga mussels and their larvae to keep them out of lakes and rivers where they do not belong. Our SS series decontamination washer delivers high pressure to clean watercraft and maintains 160⁰+ hot water at both high and low pressure for killing mussels and larvae as well as for cleaning, flushing, and decontaminating watercraft, engines, bilge water, and catch storage areas. Hydro Tek Decontamination packages are currently being used by State and Federal Wildlife, Fish & Game, Agriculture and Water Departments throughout the United States.

Call Scott Miller our Federal Sales and Aquatic Nuisance Species Specialist for more information about a system tailored to your specific application.

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